About us

quality assurance
The quality assurance system of the company's products and services is under the ongoing supervision of the Israeli Standards Institute (SII), and as part of the supervision of approved suppliers by the Ministry of Defense. Our company is
 ISO 9001: 2015 approved.
The staff
The company's staff is carefully selected and meets high standards of professional knowledge and extensive experience. This is a team that recognizes its responsibility to the customer and does its job with loyalty and unconditional dedication.
Personal tailoring to the customer needs and Consult 
In technological  innovation
      About Us
Mam Beit Ltd. has been active since 1934 and is the oldest company in Israel in the field of welding, cutting and thermal treatment. The company specializes in selling equipment, providing technical advice, technical service and maintenance for the metal industry as well as peripherals, parts and materials. Mam Beit represents some of the largest companies in the world.
Miller (USA), Messer (Germany), Pilous (Czech Republic), BreezeTech products of   Degussa- Umicore (Germany), Kemper (Germany), Kjellberg (Germany), Durferrit (Germany), 3M Speedglass , 3M abrasives and grinding products (exclusive distributor of Cubatron II), Hypertherm (USA), CNC laser cutting machines with IPG laser power source, and more ....

The company maintains its dynamical and technological innovation, and is at the forefront of innovators in its field.

The company also has a comprehensive view of the customer's needs, trying to adapt itself as much as possible to create unique solutions in "personal tailoring" for each and every customer.

Customer service
Customer service is the cornerstone of the company policy, providing various services to customers such as: needs analysis, demonstrations at the customer's premises, planning assistance, installations, maintenance and upgrade services, repair services and technical support.
Our customers
Among the company's customers are essential companies and entities in Israel, including the Ministry of Defense, the Electric Company and metal factories.
However, a warm and special corner is reserved in our hearts for customers from factories and metal work shops of all sizes, as well as for private customers, whom the company serves with the same loyalty, while providing reliable and fast solutions.
The company has ISO certification from the Standards Institute, and meets the most stringent standards of service for all the company's customers.
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