Welding helmets

Mam Bet is the exclusive representative in Israel of Speedglas welding helmets by 3M.

All of our welding helmets have very high standards and quality control and they are the best protection avaiable for your face and eyes.


Speedglas™ 100 welding helmet 

Automatic welding helmet (electronic)

  • 8-12 shades

  • Delay function that allows setting the dark-to-light opening time

  • 3 sensitivity levels

  • Improved headband design for higher comfort and robustness, with smooth ratchet for precise tightening

  • possible to lock-in the light state shade 3 (for grinding)

Suitable for welding MMA, MiG and to a limited extent TIG (high amperage), grinding

Speedglas 100
מסך speedglas 100V

Speedglas™ 9100 welding helmet 

Electronic welding helmet

  • Delay function that allows setting the dark-to-light opening time

  • 7 shades  (5,8-13) including an option to lock in any shade (for grinding, plasma cutting or in a dark shade to use as passive welding filter)

  • Has 3 optical sensors

  • Also suitable for welding low-temperature Tig - even up to about 1 amp.

  • "tack welding comfort mode" to reduce eye fatigue

  • Grinding mode in the dark level 3

  • 30% larger screen and choice between filters: 9100V, 9100X, 9100XX that give an even larger screen size (the difference is the size of the filters - ie the screen)

  • Side windows that allow for maximum perimeter vision

  • Improved design, which allows the helmet to slide up and down and lock in the raised or positioned position and protect other areas of the head such as the ears and sides of the neck.

  • An innovative and revolutionary headband that gives maximum flexibility ,  stability and comfort for the head. including multiple adjustments for a perfect fit. 

Suitable for MMA welding, MIG, TIG, grinding, plasma cutting and more

9100 מסיכת ספידגלאס
ספידגלס 9100 מורמת
מסכים לספידגלס9100
רצועת ראש ספידגלס 9100
ספידגלס 9100 - מבפנים
ממה מורכבת מסכת ספידגלס 9100
מסכת ספידגלס החדשה עם מ G5-02
מסכת ריתוך ספידגלס G5-02 מסך רחב עגול
מסכת ריתוך ספידגלס G5-02
מסכת ריתוך מסך עגול
G5-02 מסכת ריתוך עם צבעים טבעיים בהירים יות

Welding helmet with a curved filter

Speedglas ™ G5-02

Electronic welding helmet

  • A curved filter that gives a 100% wider field of view, while maintaining a slim helmet that matches the width of the face.

  • 150x76 mm viewing range

  • Filter with natural color technology, even in dark conditions, unique to Speedglas™.

  • Shade 2.5 light state.

  • 4 arc sensors

  • Shades 8-12 with shade lock button

  • Delay function (to prevent glare at the end of welding)

  • Reduce reflections and other distracting glare inside the helmet.

  • Bluetooth and connection to the 3M Connected app (with a Bluetooth power button)

Suitable for MMA welding, MiG, TIG, laser welding, grinding, plasma cutting and more

אדפלו FX9100
מסכת אדפלו

ADFLO system - Respiratory protection system for Speedglas™ welding helmet

9100 welding helmets with ADFLO system,

Speedglas welding helmet designed for maximum welding comfort. Adflo system Brings a cool refreshing breeze to hot working conditions, filters out the toxic gases emitted from the weld and insert clean air into the helmet.


Versaflo™ 3M system - grinding system

The 3M™ Vesaflo™ Headtops M-series feature kight weight, compact and well balanced faceshields and helmets that can offer integrated protection from a range of respiratory, head, eye and hearing hazards with offerings for neck and shoulder coverage.

Can be used in combination with 3M™ Adflo™ powered air respirator

Versaflo M-307
מערכת השחזה ואביזרים
Versaflo מערכת השחזה
Versaflo M-407
Versaflo M-107

BOSS welding helmet

An electronic welding helmet exclusively imported by Mam Beit with an extra large screen.

filter size: 100x100 mm

Darkness shades : 9-12

Has a grinding mode


Face protection standard EN175F, eye protection standard EN379

מסכת ריתוך BOSS מסך גדול
מסכת ריתוך בוס מסך גדול
מסכך ריתוך מסך גדול

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