Welding jackets

Our welding protective jackets are of Miller brand, and are for multiple welding applications. Available in leather, WeldX™, cloth, and combination materials in a variety of sizes.

Miller Grain Leather welding jacket

Withstands sparks and spatter for extreme, long-term industrial use “Expandable” leather strategically placed for optimal mobility. Satin lining increases comfort. Sewn entirely with Kevlar® thread, adding structural durability at each seam


Available in sizes:  L, XL, XXL 

מעיל ריתוך מעור - מילר
מעיל ריתוך מעור - צד אחורי מילר

Miller Combo Welding jacket -  combined with leather and flame-resistant fabric 

Perfect mix of top-grain leather and Indura® flame-resistant cotton, providing additional protection in high-exposure areas.

made with Indura® flame-resistant cotton. Pre-shrunk fabric eliminates sleeve shrinkage, increasing overall protection.


Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL

Miller Indura® fabric welding jacket 

Made of Indura® fabric, which is 100% flame resistant with reinforced stitching to improve durability

Ideal for everyday use, 250 grams flame-resistant navy cotton.

Pre-shrunk fabric eliminates sleeve shrinkage, increasing overall protection. Finished hems and reinforced stitching for enhanced durability.


Stand-up collar provides extra neck protection.

Accessible inside pocket, five button snaps for extra protection, and "fold-in" sleeve snaps.




Comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

מעיל ריתוך משולב עור - מילר
מעיל ריתוך משולב עור - צד אחורי מילר
מעיל ריתוך בד נגד אש - מילר
מעיל ריתוך בד נגד אש - צד אחורי מילר

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